There was already a theater in the history of Krazen University, but it ceased to exist for a long time. The new phase began on February 15, 2018, on the initiative of the President of the University, Academician Will Bakirov, the first meeting with students and staff of the university was held at Krazen University regarding the opening of the Student Theater. After that, the registration of the castings and the selection of students are announced.

In March of the same year, a meeting was held with the directors of the student theater - alumni of the Kharkiv National University of Arts named after IP Kotlyarevsky Yulia Kovalchuk, Anna Gorbunova and Lilia Petrenko.

The first rehearsal took place on March 15, 2018. Since then, the activity has been successfully resumed and the theater has continued to operate, gaining momentum.

Lilia Petrenko told the importance of the initiative, saying: “Today, vulnerable and problematic children, they decided to be completely social and follow the rules of society, indifferent to the environment and in particular, they have many complexes and concerns. We definitely have to deal with this, otherwise we won't have a future, everything will be like horror movies about human machines, and only art will help us. Because theater is an art about a person, his life, his solutions, and his problems, through theater we can tell the world about anything, we show a problem, we don't diagnose, but we discover and tell a story about what the subconscious can lead to, deduce and leave the viewer with room for contemplation. ”

In theater, students learn the basics of acting, theatrical plasticity, learn to dance, and work on the language of theater. This is not easy, as students from various university faculties, such as law, sociology, linguistics, physics and history, as well as the faculty of foreign languages, psychology, mathematics, informatics, computer science, etc. came to the band theater in general. All of them came to fight with themselves, it's not an easy job, but the results are evident.

Each theater executive works individually with each student both on assignment, correcting mistakes, and more generally on psychological development. “Students need to understand what they hear and understand, and they are always ready to rescue and instill confidence in themselves,” says Julia Kovalchuk. For her part, Anastasia Eremin noted: "Nothing is impossible, if you have already arrived here, everything will work out."

In June 2019, after a year and a half of intense training, the much-anticipated debut of the student theater of Krazen University took place. Viewers watched a plastic oral presentation of "The Lizard" based on the play by Alexander Volodin. The directors were Yulia Kovalchuk and Lilia Petrenko.

Therefore, the theater remodeling initiative is a revival of not only student theater, but also the values enshrined in ancient times when theater was just born.

You can register for the theater through director Lilia Petrenko.

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