Karazin University was established on the initiative of the distinguished enlightener Vasil Karazin in November 1804. The official opening took place on January 29, 1805.

The history of the university is an integral part of the intellectual, cultural and spiritual heritage of Ukraine. For more than two centuries, Karazin University has been extensively involved in enlightenment, making scientific discoveries, improving the educational component, and implementing a broad program of international cooperation, with the development of secondary schools in Kharkiv region and Ukraine in general along the way.

Karazin University is the only university in Ukraine that has trained and employed three Nobel Prize laureates: biologist Ilya Mashnikov, economist Simon Kuznets, and physicist Lev Landau. International student training began at Karazin University in 1948. Currently, the university is the pioneer of Ukraine in the number of registered international students, who come from almost all continents. Among others, our students are students from Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. In total, 20 schools at Karazin University provide training for nearly 4,000 international students from more than 70 countries around the world.

The University has a long tradition of international cooperation and participates in educational and professional societies, which indicates the recognition of the global scientific community in its important role in training highly qualified specialists. The university occupies senior positions in the national and international rankings.

The Karazin University community includes academics, full professors, participants, doctorates, and physicians who are used to studying within its walls. Some of them make the University of Karazin particularly proud. They are people who have contributed a lot to the development of education, science, culture and sports in Ukraine and the world, and thus have glorified the alma mater.

Today, the university has 21 schools: the Faculty of Biology; School of Physics and Technology; School of Radiation Physics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems; School of physics. Computer Science School; School of Philosophy; School of Mathematics and Informatics; School of International Economic Relations and Travel Business; School of Geology, Geography, Recreation and Tourism; Ecology School; Faculty of Economics ; Foreign language school; History school; School of Philology. Faculty of medicine ; School of chemistry; School of sociology; School of Psychology, Faculty of Law; Faculty of Physics and Energy, Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Karazin.

The Central Scientific Library was established in 1804 at the initiative of a prominent teacher, public figure and researcher Vasil Karazin. The public library holdings contain over 3,350,000 items. Among them are over 1.7 million articles of scientific literature and 1.1 million textbooks. The unique collection of rare books and manuscripts contains approximately 60,000 items, including the incunabula collection (numbers printed before 1500), ancient photographs (1501-1550), and large collections of ancient Ukrainian and foreign prints (dated from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries) And publications of eminent personalities in classic science and literature. The manuscript collection includes approximately 1,000 pieces. Among the universal manuscripts by the Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa (1704), the annals of Hrabianka (early nineteenth century), materials dealing with the history of Ukraine (seventeenth and eighteenth centuries), letters written by Ivan Franco to his author Kubriinska (1884-1886), namely Collection of Greek, Polish and other manuscripts. The foreign publications collection contains more than 700,000 articles written in the major European languages.

The publications issued in the printing house established in 1804 are also stored in the university in the library. Among them are the first magazines and newspapers in Ukraine published in the university press: Kharkovsky Izvestia (Kharkiv News) (1817-1823), Kharkovsky Democrit (Kharkiv Democritus) (1816), Ukrainsky Vistnik (Ukrainian Messenger) (1816-1818) 1820), Ukrainskiy Zhurnal (Ukrainian Journal) (1823--1825).

Here's what the Karazin University Library can offer: five loan library subscriptions, twelve reading halls, an inter-library subscription service, two specialized rooms with catalogs, the Internet Technology Center, a literature lounge on university history, and a library of local history books about Greece and Cyprus created With the help of A. Leventis (Cyprus), the American Information Window.

The library also contains a section of Rare Releases - a storage room where a collection of traces of books, valuable manuscripts and archive documents, 955 items are kept in total. Among them are incunabula, palaeotypes, early printed foreign books, glagolitic and Cyrillic publications, universals, political documents, etc. The time frame for these book monuments is the fourteenth century - XX.

The Karazin University Library is one of the participants in the innovative single-reader card project that provides free access to electronic holdings and resources in the reading rooms of higher education institutions participating in the project.

Sports are an integral part of student life. There are many sports to choose from in the physical training classes: aerobic exercise, athletic training in the exercise room, badminton, basketball, boxing, water tourism, volleyball, track and field, five on the side, table tennis, self-defense, archery , Tennis in the park, taekwondo, fencing. Medically fragile students attend physical rehabilitation classes. Classes are conducted by qualified faculty members in the Department of Physical Training and Sports, among whom are professors of international class sport, types masters, and deserving trainers. Students are at the disposal of the sports halls of the Krasinsky Education and Sports Complex, the Unifekht Sports and Fitness Center, the major and southern educational buildings and the School of Physics and Technology building, as well as the Unicourt Tennis Complex.

Students actively participate in university sporting events, Olympic lessons, in addition to various competitions, which are sports games for students and Spartakiada from student residence, the President’s Cup in five aspects, student union cups in basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, cheerleading and individual events in Garden tennis, fencing and archery.

There are sports sections from badminton, basketball, boxing, volleyball, athletics, mini football, table tennis, weightlifting, rock climbing, archery, tennis, fencing, soccer, cheerleading and chess to students with adequate sports training. Among the university students are heroes and award-holders in the most prestigious international competitions - Olympic Games, World and European Championships, Universities, but the department's main mission is to preserve and enhance student health.

For this purpose, students and faculty go to Fihurovka Sports and Health Camp on the bank of Siverskyi Donets near Kharkiv.

The primary health care center that works at the university is a place you can turn to when you need urgent medical care. There is a general practitioner, dentist, and other medical professionals with whom you can make an appointment at the city hospital for students.

For more than two centuries in a row, Karazin University has carried out its mission of "learning - teaching - enlightenment", with an interest not only in developing science and acquiring classical European education by its students, but also about imparting high spiritual and moral values, aesthetic taste, and beautiful love.

The university also creates, coordinates and develops all fields of extracurricular activities related to the revival and development of Ukrainian culture, provides opportunities to enhance the artistic creativity of students and colleges, and organizes many recreational activities.

Cultural and educational activities are carried out directly through creative associations and groups involved in amateur art. They play an important role in the cultural development of students, who make up the students' academic choir, a group of folk dance, a group of contemporary dance, school teams at Joy Club and Sharp, a team of contemporary hip-hop dance, a club for poetry lovers. The university pays little attention to the type of solo singing. Many of the students singing are city winners, regional and international festivals, and varied song competitions.

Cultural Center employees and creative teams annually join their efforts for the traditional holiday of the University of Karazin: the student initiation ceremony, first-year creative students competition Alma Matter, concerts to celebrate International Women's Day, beauty contest, school days, ceremonial graduation ceremony, etc. Besides, the university is actively working to promote foreign cultures, especially German, French, Italian, Indian, African, Israeli, Arabic, Chinese, Polish and others, by celebrating traditional holidays, festivals and other celebrations. The university's Henrique Semeradzki Art Gallery displays not only paintings executed with different shapes and types of recognized artists and young people, but also the best examples of arts and crafts, portraits, musical instruments of the peoples of the world, pottery, embroidery, etc. and so on. This is a large cultural center offering an opportunity to touch the beautiful.

The Yermilov Center at the University is the first center of contemporary art in Kharkiv, a multicultural and multi-functional land and a communication platform for artists. Among the trends offered are drawing, sculpture, photography, design, literature, theater, dance, cinema and music. It hosts numerous art events, graphics and drawing exhibitions, photo pieces, posters, sculptures and installations. Yermilov Center hosts like-minded people at creative meetings, conferences and lectures given by experts from all over the world, provides food for discussion, raises important questions today, displays its reflection in art, follows contemporary trends in art and manages creative experiences. Useful and fun are combined: the center organizes festivals, film screenings and theatrical performances,

The university is not only about studying, but also about a bright student life. Karazin University organizes many interesting events, both direct and enjoyable direct participation which are a good way to adapt to the students' environment, make friends and show yourself.

Another bright event after Student Week in the first year is the Alma Mater competition. It not only helps students get to know each other better, but also reveals their musical, dance and other artistic talents.

The University holds four beauty competitions: Mr. University, Miss University, Miss Syndicates, Mr. Syndicate. Karazinites enjoyed celebration. This is why women may receive a theatrical performance as a gift on March 8, or St. Valentine's Day. Those who like to experience their feelings can participate by participating in an organized wedding at the university: newlyweds can borrow wedding clothes and rings, and obtain symbolic marriage certificates. Student day, school days and other holidays are accompanied by various events, competitions and shows.

The Student Council is actively involved in organizing students' free time.

In particular, students can choose to join the bandlerol creative organization, the union, the cultural center that organizes the work of folk dance groups, university dance halls, hip-hop groups, student choir, poetry and theater clubs, cheerful clubs and intense intelligence.

The Open University Cup for Cheerful and Mustache is very popular among humor lovers. Intellectuals prefer what? Where? when? The brain ring; Those who enjoy singing for the Karazin University Karaoke Kingz contest; Oral culture enthusiasts are all literary competitions and poetry parties. Players enjoy the Dota 2 Сybersport tournament; Football fans enjoy meetings with Metalist players hosted by the university; Cinemas are a popular treat for everyone. The University holds days of the cultures of the world's people where students can learn a lot of new things and participate in workshops. They can visit various exhibitions. Central Scientific Library, YermilovCenter, Henrik Siemiradzki Art Gallery holds art galleries and photos, the University History Museum and LandauCenter - science fairs. The library and exhibition organize meetings with artists; YermilovCenter holds workshops, concerts, festivals and shows. LandauCenter conducts scientific experiments.

The University Museum of Nature and Archeology Museum, which opened more than 200 years ago, is also interesting for visitors. It contains collections among the largest in Ukraine and the oldest in Europe. The University is a place where students and faculty meet with each other and with Ukraine and the world famous. It is an opportunity to learn many interesting and useful things, and to talk to socialize. Karazinites spend high-quality spare time outside the university. Their trade union distributes tickets to concerts and theatrical performances held in Kharkiv, organizes trips to the 1925 Metalist games, and excursions around the city and the country. The trade union provides tickets for home games for the team at 30% off (free pass tickets), and pass the football season for club matches. The university has a sports and healthy student camp, Fihorovka, on the banks of the Seversky Donet, and is a great place to spend summer holidays. There are also recreational camps on the shores of Black and the Sea of Azov. It is better to spend winter holidays at ski resorts in the Carpathians. Trade union organization will help with tickets. The Trade Union also helps in obtaining an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) that provides discounts and benefits in the network of stores, entertainment centers, sports clubs and foreign language schools in Ukraine and the world. There are also recreational camps on the shores of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. It is better to spend winter holidays at ski resorts in the Carpathians. Trade union organization will help with tickets. The Trade Union also helps in obtaining an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) that provides discounts and benefits in the network of stores, entertainment centers, sports clubs and foreign language schools in Ukraine and the world. There are also recreational camps on the shores of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. It is better to spend winter holidays at ski resorts in the Carpathians. Trade union organization will help with tickets. The Trade Union also helps to obtain an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) that provides discounts and benefits in the network of stores, entertainment centers, sports clubs and foreign language schools in Ukraine and the world.

The autonomy of university students is implemented at the university level, its schools, academic groups, student neighborhoods, residence halls and buildings (floors). Student self-governing bodies are the Student Council and the Student Quarter Board. Their main mission is to protect students' rights and interests, and to ensure that their needs in education, life, health and entertainment are met.

The Student Council participates in university administration, improving the academic process by monitoring the quality of education, assisting the administration in improving curricula and programs, granting scholarships, etc. And it promotes the social activity of youth through their participation in various events and projects, educational and sporting competitions and youth projects, supporting the initiative students and providing them with comprehensive assistance.

The Student Council participates in various cultural and sports events. Collaborates with charitable organizations in Kharkiv to organize social campaigns, including a set of games, useful items for orphanages, donation procedures, etc.

Student Council support Creating a platform to develop gifted students - Karazin University UNK Student Blog. Each school has its own student council that participates in decision-making on matters related to the expulsion and renewal of students, etc. The Council is chaired by the Dean of Students, who, among other things, assists in resolving controversial issues and conflicts between students and faculty, if any.

The Student Housing Council protects the interests of students residing in the halls of residence, participates in their settlement in dormitories, and ensures adequate living conditions. The subdivisions of the Student Neighborhood Council are student councils from the residence halls, each of which has its own president.

Every year on Student Day, November 17, Student Autonomy Day is celebrated. On this day, the deans of students receive students on issues related to education and student life. After that, they discuss current problems with university administration and search for ways to solve them together. Student ID cards are issued from the University of Karazin. Karazin University student card is a unique discount project for the basic union organization for undergraduate and graduate students and doctoral students at VN Karazin Kharkiv National University. This means that you pay less than 85 places in Kharkiv. Moreover, the Karazin University Student Card is a regular participant in special offers programs offered not only by its partners, but also by other institutions in the city. Card holders can enjoy discounts not only in leisure, sports and shopping facilities, but also in educational institutions. The Karazin University student card is accepted in cafes, restaurants, bookstores, supermarkets, research rooms, foreign language schools and IT courses.

Foreign students at the university are accommodated in residence halls, and accommodation for their families can also be provided. The accommodation is coordinated by the University's International Education Center. The center makes direct lists of recommended accommodation. The Student Quarter Board uses these lists to prepare transfer permits, residency contracts, and check-in tasks at a dormitory for first-year students.

Foreign students are mostly accommodated in Residence Hall 5. It is a five-storey building with a corridor system, a laundry room, a gym, and internet access in every room. The building is located at the address: 46 Tsilynohradska Street Follow the link to know how to get from Derzhprom Metro Station to Oleksiivska Metro Station, or from Derzhprom Metro Station by bus number 217.

The university also has an extensive network of places to eat with delicious food at reasonable prices: it varies from regular buffets that operate in all campus buildings and offers fast food to the main cozy cafes where you can enjoy a specific meal in a pleasant atmosphere, namely Bunker, Siome Nebo, FeelGood and FL-P-Malyshev.

The menu in the university cafes includes Ukrainian, Georgian, Indian and Arabic cuisine. Average bill is $ 1.5-2.