Kharkiv is a modern city with a population of 1.5 million. Founded in 1654, it is a major industrial, scientific, educational, commercial and transportation center in Ukraine.

Astonishing is the city with its beauty, monuments, and architectural contrast, with its stunningly intertwined past and present: the aristocratic manor of the nobility, the buildings of the modern era, the buildings of the 1920s, the neoclassical Stalinist structures form the unique architectural style of Kharkiv. The “Seven Wonders of Kharkiv” is the memorial of the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, the Mirror Stream fountain (the architectural landmark of the city), the Pokrovsky Cathedral in Kharkiv Pokrovsky Monastery, the Annunciation Cathedral, the Dormition Cathedral, the Dersprom State Committee of the Industrial Policy Committee (State Industry Building) and the Mstqad tower building .

The main symbol of the city is Svobody Square, the largest square in Ukraine and Europe (22.5 thousand square meters), with Kharkiv Regional State Administration, VN Karazin Kharkiv National University, Taras Shevchenko Garden and around Derzhprom.

What distinguishes the industrial giant in Kharkiv is that it is very green. Kharkiv is located at the intersection of four rivers (Kharkiv, Luban, Audi, Nemecia). There are 29 parks and gardens, 4 water parks, 92 garden yards, 5 berths and many other places to entertain in its grounds. The Kharkiv gem is the Maxim Gorky Central Park for Culture and Recreation, and is one of the top 15 theme parks in Europe, according to the popular travel portal Tripadvisor (2017 rating).

Kharkiv is a multinational city: there are 50 national cultural associations there. Catholic and Protestant churches, a synagogue, a mosque, houses of prayer for many other religious denominations, include schools with in-depth studies of national cultures. It should be noted that, in its long history, Kharkiv has never witnessed national, ethnic or religious clashes for its citizens.

Today, Kharkiv remains stable and calm, with the National Police ensuring safety and security in the city.

Kharkiv was the first in many areas: the first Ukrainian theater in the city appeared in 1789; The first East Ukrainian University was opened here in 1805; In Kharkiv the first newspapers and magazines were published in the Ukrainian language. Kharkiv was the first to broadcast on Ukrainian radio. Kharkiv scholars were the first in Europe to divide the nucleus of an atom (A. Walter, J. Latchev, A.D. Ivanenko) has been proven, and is the first system of atlas to the far side of the moon in the world (M. Barabashov) was established, and phagocytic theory is based For immunity (I.Mechnikov), etc. Works of L. Landau, M. Barabashov, A. Walter, or Paladin and others with international fame.

Many scientific schools established in Kharkiv have risen to the global popularity. The research institutes in astronomy, biology and chemistry, the Center for Social and Human Research, the Biological Station, the M. Drynov Center for Bulgarian and Baltic Studies and the P. Tronko Center for the Area Studies that operate at Karazin University are just to name a few.

Known as the "student capital" of Ukraine, Kharkiv has 37 higher educational institutions with different forms of ownership, more than 170 comprehensive secondary schools, about 150 educational centers and specialized secondary schools, and more than 60 research institutes. Two Kharkiv universities are included in the QS World University 2018 ranking.

Kharkiv is a city with a rich cultural tradition. It has six major theaters: M. Lysenko Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, T. Shevchenko Ukrainian Academic Drama Theater, A. Pushkin Russian Academic Drama Theater, Musical Comedy Theater, Children's and Youth Theater, Puppet Theater. 32 museums (Kharkiv Historical Museum, Kharkiv Art Museum, Interactive Old Circus Museum and other museums). Only VN Karazin Kharkiv National University includes the Yermilov Center, the Henryk Siemiradzki Art Gallery, the Archaeological Museum, the University History Museum, the Nature Museum, and the Landau Center. There are music institutions (orchestra, organ and chamber music hall) and more than 80 libraries in the city. In particular, the stock of the State Scientific Library V. Korolenko stores more than 6.5 million books and publications, many of which are rare and unique. The Karazin University Library's total holdings contain 3.5 million items, including 50,000 unique copies (17 incunabula, over 1,000 manuscripts, 300 palaeotypes, and lifelong versions of the classics of world literature, science and culture).

The city often hosts festivals, competitions and artistic events such as "Science Night", "Museum Night", "Open Symphony Orchestra", "Picnic of the City: Street Food Festival" and "Open Cinema" and many other events with free admission for all interested.

Broad cinema network: Eight cinemas with different movie formats (2D, 3D, 4D, IMAX) are supported. The average fare is $ 2.5-3.

Popular among citizens and city guests are the circus, the zoo, the Dolphinarium, Feldman Ecopark.

Kharkiv is a sports city. You have all the conditions you need to do sports here - there are 19 courses, 850 sports fields, 363 gyms, 19 swimming pools, more than 40 tennis courts and a golf club. Kharkiv's pride is the soccer team "Metalist" and the volleyball team "Lokomotiv". Karazin University is developing a modern sports infrastructure: the “Karazinskyi” educational and sports complex, which includes 10 gymnasiums and a stadium, is one of the best tennis centers in our country «Unicourt», and the gyms of the Higher Institute. The main and northern technologies and buildings of the university.

Kharkiv nightlife is also bright and rich as there are many clubs, restaurants, bars, etc. in the city. Bowling and hall areas.

The city has more than 20 shopping and entertainment centers. To name a few, Karavan, Dafi and French Boulevard are complexes with many stores and many large supermarkets (grocery, electronics, home appliances, as well as sporting goods), cafes and restaurants. Entertainment is guaranteed there through cinemas, ice complexes and children's entertainment centers. Shopping and entertainment centers regularly hold many holidays, festivals, exhibitions, workshops, competitions, special offers and other events for citizens and guests in Kharkiv.

The city is divided into nine administrative regions (Rayon): Industrialnyi, Kyivskyi, Moskovskyi, Nemyshlianskyi, Novobavarskyi, Osnovianskyi, Slobidskyi, Kholodnohirskyi and Shevchenkivskyi. Closest to the city center are Kyivskyi and Shevchenkivskyi raions.

Kharkiv has a very branched traffic infrastructure.

The air portal of the city is the international airport «Kharkiv», which provides international flights to Warsaw, Kutaisi, Minsk, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Amman, Beirut, etc., in addition to domestic flights to / from Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. To get to the city from the airport, take:

Trolleybus No. 5 - Airport - Universitetska, there is a transfer to Prospect Haharina Metro Station

  • Bus No. 115 - Airport - Prospect Haharina Metro Station
  • Bus No. 119 - Airport - Prospect Perimouhi, there is transfer to Prospect Haharina Metro Station
  • Bus No. 152 - Airport - Mikroraion 552, transfer to Akademika Barabashova metro station
  • Bus No. 255 - Airport - Academica Barabashova Metro Station

The fare is $ 0.24 on the bus, and $ 0.16 on the metro.

Travel within the region and the country is guaranteed by the Southern Railway Station, whose passenger infrastructure consists of seven platforms that maintain train routes between cities and international trains (with 10 countries), two suburban traffic platforms, and 5 bus stops in different parts of the city.


Kharkiv Metro System consists of three underground railways (Kholodnohorsko-Zavodska, Saltivskaya and Oleksiivska) serving 29 stations linking all the city's districts.

Kharkiv Metro Station opens at 5:30 am and closes at midnight. Trains are 3-4 minutes during rush hour, 8-12 minutes - in the afternoon, and you can wait for a train of 15 minutes and more if it is late in the evening. Keep this in mind when making conversions to other lines.

It takes about 45 minutes to get from the station to the longest station Kholodnohorsko-Zavodska line. It takes 20-25 minutes on average to get from the station to the center. Fare is $ 0.16.

The fare does not depend on the number of stations or the number of transfers. To use the metro, you need to purchase a one-time ticket or a replaceable electronic card in automatic machines (available at the entrance to each station).

Road transport

There are 13 tram roads, 23 trolley bus tracks and 149 bus routes in the city.

The cost of a tram and tram bus ticket is $ 0.12, and it can be purchased from Mosul on the tram and tram bus. Even if you need to travel at just one stop, be sure to buy and keep a ticket until the end of your flight. Please note that in the absence of a ticket, you will be fined twenty times the cost of travel.

Bus fare and road taxi $ 0.2-0.32. Fare is paid to the driver. Ground transportation starts at 5:00 AM and ends at 11:00 PM.

The fastest way to get to the right place is taxi because the taxi service in Kharkiv is a huge branch network ready to come to your order 24/7 at a decent level.

The minimum wage is $ 1, and the city tariff is 0.12-0.24 / km, which is 0.32-0.4 / km outside the city.

There are a lot of accommodation options available in Kharkiv - there are 87 hotels with 27,789 rooms and 18 hostels in the city.

Higher education institutions provide accommodation for non-resident students in their residence halls. Thus, Karazin University campus consists of eight residence halls located in the city center with a convenient transportation junction that will reach you to the university in about a short time (Botanical Garden, Oleksiivka, Pushkinska Metro Stations).

You can rent an apartment. The cost of rent varies depending on the city center proximity and living conditions. In particular, renting a one-room apartment in different parts of the city costs:

Holodna Hora - 200-200 dollars (20 minutes to reach the city center);

KhTZ - $ 100-180 (40-60 minutes to get to city center);

Oleksiivka - $ 200-300 (5-7 minutes to get to city center);

Pavlov Paul - $ 250-300 (5 minutes to reach the city center);

Saltivka - $ 180-200 (30-40 minutes to reach the city center).

Public restaurants

There are plenty of food and drink facilities in Kharkiv ranging from budget cafes to trendy restaurants, which enable you to have a quick and inexpensive meal on the university / business, have a great meal or spend a good time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fast food cafes

Bufet is a network of pizza restaurants, popular with students for its democratic prices and delicious pizza. An average order costs $ 1-1.5. Kulinichi is a network of pastry cafes offering a variety of products: sweets, pastries, meats, drinks, coffee, sweets, bread and more. There are cafes and kiosks selling pastries all over the city. It costs an average $ 0.4-1.
McDonald's is a fast food facility, and it has eight locations in Kharkiv. The cost of the application is $ 3.6. FreshLine is a network of sandwich bars (15 establishments in the city), many of which are open around the clock, so you can have a snack of a salmon sandwich or hazelnut cappuccino here early in the morning, when other cafes are asleep peacefully. More than that, you can make your own exclusive sandwich here. It costs an average of 3-4 dollars.

Cafes / restaurants

Kharkov has a very diverse cuisine from all over the world:

- Mediterranean: Osteria il Tartufo, Pinocchio Osteria, Papa ROMA, Trattoria, and others; The average value of a check is $ 10-12;

- French: Paris, Amelie, Charikov, Chateau and others; The average value of a check is $ 12-15;

Georgian: Georgia, Khinkalnia, Genesisvale, Rioni, Shoti, and others; Average value of the check is $ 5-6;

- The Japanese: Tanuki, Yakitoria, Sochia, Zlitayuchiye Drakon, and others; The average value of the check is $ 8-10;

- Other food to explore.

You can learn about Ukrainian cuisine and coloring in cafes and restaurants such as Puzata Khata, Ukrainska Sadyba, Sloboda, Panske Selo, Hetman and others. The average value of a check is $ 6-7.