Recommendations from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the International Anti-Corruption Day

December 12, 2019

Text author:Olga Levko

December 9th marks the International Day against Corruption, which is a good occasion to hold educational events on this topic and to engage pupils and students in the discourse on why there is no place for corruption in Ukraine.

Educational and scientific institutions are those centers where the values of the younger generation are determined. Future ministers, representatives of Ukraine, civil servants of states and local governments, judges and prosecutors are today's students, students or students.

Zero tolerance of corruption should be a pervasive principle in the implementation of educational and research programs, work with students and pupils, and their parents, the general policy of educational institutions and research institutions and the daily behavior of their employees.

According to the message of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, educational and scientific leaders and workers of all educational institutions of all levels and scientific institutions are advised to conduct talks, discussions and discussions with students / students about the nature of corruption, its negative effects for students on the work of democratic institutions, the rule of law, and effective performance To all authorities on the path to building a democratic, fair and prosperous Ukrainian society.

If necessary, teachers can use the short book “Anti-corruption lesson,” video “push,” essay, “How interesting to conduct an anti-corruption lesson”.

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