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The Undergraduate Union has protected the rights of undergraduates, graduates and postgraduate studies for more than 80 years. Today it is the largest public organization of the university with nearly 9,000 members representing their interests across all university schools.

Any college student, graduate, or full-time graduate regardless of nationality, political or religious beliefs, may become a union member.

It has a clear structure and boards of directors, which can turn directly to the regional and national authorities on issues related to protecting the rights of undergraduates, graduates and postgraduate students.

The union is governed by an elected body - the union committee is made up of the most active representatives from university schools. The audit committee controls the financial operations of the federation and its records as well.

The Trade Union Committee represents the interests of union members in regional and Ukrainian youth organizations, and actively cooperates with employment centers and a group of Kharkiv regional administrations.

The trade union committee deals with issues of social and economic protection, the teaching process, living conditions, leisure, sports, recreation and employment.

The Trade Union Committee undertakes the following tasks:

  • To provide assistance to underprivileged students;

  • To encourage the academic advancement of students, their active participation in the public life of the University, research and sporting achievements;

  • To organize summer and winter leisure programs for students (including tours to foreign countries);

  • To organize an excursion to the cultural attractions of Ukraine;

  • To provide discounts for student entertainment at Burevisnyk Recreation Center, as well as at Fihurovka Sports Training and Recreation Camp;

  • Distribute theater tickets and entertainment tickets;

  • To help apply for housing benefits;

  • To provide discounted rates in the Underground City;

  • To issue ISIC and IYTC international student ID cards;

  • To provide accident insurance.

  • To organize youth work teams (finding work for students during the summer vacation);

  • To monitor food quality in university canteens;

  • To administer exchange and training programs for international students;

  • Management of the annual University Student Union Cup in volleyball, basketball, table tennis and badminton;

  • To conduct sports competitions for hostel residents as well as competitions for the best hostel room;

  • To help celebrate school days;

  • To organize World AIDS Day and World Tuberculosis Day events;

  • To conduct university beauty pageants and display the talents of first-year students.

These issues are taken up by trade union sub-committees on socio-economic issues, organizational issues, sports and recreation, administrative issues, employment, and food quality control at the university. The Trade Union Committee closely cooperates with the University Student Council, the Student Scientific Association, and the student councils in the residence halls.

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