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University History Museum, founded in 1972, is one of the first museums of higher educational institutions in Kharkiv. It is Karazin University business card. The museum exhibition will immerse you in the atmosphere of the university's past, and guide guides will follow paths of Alma Mater's long and fascinating history. Every year the museum is visited by more than 4,000 students, students, international conferences, Kharkov residents and city guests.

Guests include city and provincial leaders, representatives of other higher education institutions, foreign organizations, and embassies in nearly 40 countries. Today, the museum's holdings contain nearly 19,000 hard assets exhibits, as well as 10,000 negative photographs, which cover the university's history.

Every year, the museum's staff presents visitors with 5-7 temporary exhibitions on the history of Krazen University, dedicated to famous students and scholars, the university's buildings and collections, the academic life and the daily life of a university company. In addition, citywide exhibitions are held in conjunction with Kharkiv Archives and Museums, which showcase interesting pages of Kharkiv's past.

The museum is an ideological inspiration and organizer of oral history projects, creative presentations, and a platform to display versions of the university's history.

Work schedule: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm.

Virtual exhibitions of the University History Museum

Coriovos Physics, Kharkiv University

The author - winner (second place) of the contest "Kharkiv University - City, Ukraine, World" Anastasia Rybalko.

- Front Album (VN Karnizin Kharkiv National University)

The author is a research fellow at KhNU Victoria Rooster.

Monument to Kharkiv University

The author is the winner (third place) in the contest "Kharkiv University - City, Ukraine, World" authored by Anna Hanachenko. Scientific advisor - Eugene Rachkov.

- Dmitry Bagali in Memories of Contemporaries (PDF, 6, 73 Mb)

The author is a senior researcher at the Pavlo Jeremyev University History Museum.

- History of the main building of the Krazen National University Kharkiv (About History Museum materials) (PDF, 8, 76 Mb)

The author is a junior researcher at the University History Museum Olga Crasco.