To receive the new students from the large Karazen family, a student dedication ceremony is held at the beginning of the new academic year.

Traditionally, all ceremonies are held near the monument to the founder of the university Vasily Krazen. The holiday gathers freshmen, their parents, and deans in uniforms and confederates. The University President and the distinguished guests congratulate the new students on the start of a new stage of life. This holiday is especially for undergraduates, too - they strive to share their experiences with the younger generation of students: words of instruction, sincere desires for unforgettable student years and inexhaustible energy and determination to acquire new knowledge resonates with new students.

Traditionally, the university president ignites the fire of knowledge, symbolizing a desire and thirst for the deep treasure of world science. The new students are granted the student section, and the President of the University officially hands them the symbolic student ID card, and at the end of the ceremony, the university choir sings the student's hymn “Gaudeamus”.